Step by Step of the Essential Palette Shoot

These shots are a step-by-step account of the eye make-up I created for the Essential Eye Palette shoot.

Photography: Dougal Waters Photography

Hair: Paul Harvey (email:

Make-up: Louise Young

Look 1

Step 1

I applied Colour 3 (Maowi) from the Essential Palette to the brows with LY37 brow brush. The translucent powder under the eyes is to catch any shadow which may fall onto the cheeks – this is removed at the end of the make-up so the cheek area remains perfect.

Step 2

Colour number 1 (Ting) was applied all over the eyelid – this acts as an excellent base colour for the other shadows.

Step 3

Using LY38 tapered shadow brush Louise applied Colour number 3 (Pom Pom) to the socket line blending up onto the brow bone.

This lifts this area and opens the eyes – a great technique on all eyes but especially for heavy lids.

Step 4

Colour number 3 (Pom Pom) was applied under lower lashes using LY35.

Colour number 5 (Sislet) was applied to the outer corner of the lid – it is a really unusual colour which looks great on most eye colours.

Final Look

Look 2

I created the final look below look with the Essential Palette.

Brows were defined with Colour 3 (Pom Pom) from the Essential Palette using LY37 brow brush.

Colour 1 (Ting) was applied  all over the eye area (See Step 2 above).

I then applied a sweep of Colour 3 (Pom Pom) all over the lid area and applied Colour 4 (Black Bear) close to the lashline and under the eye.

Finally I applied Colour 5 (Sislet) to the socket area using LY38 (see above).