Smokey Eyes

This tutorial shows a quick and easy classic smokey eyes look. I was inspired by my model Emilia’s hair style as it was reminiscent of a young Bardot so I created a very dark eye with a light base and pale pink lip. It is easy to adapt and can be worn as a softer look by leaving out the kohl liner and using more brown or taupe instead of black. On the final shot I have added lashes to intensify the look.

I hope you like it!

Louise x

Brushes used :

LY34 super foundation brush
LY01 mini foundation brush
LY08 detail brush
LY20 super Fan
LY31 angled brow
LY35 applicator
LY39 domed shadow
Ly24A superfine liner brush
LY06 super blusher
LY27 lip brush

Essential Eye Palette

Maowi used on brows
Pom Pom + Black Bear on eyes
Black Bear as liner

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