Lizzie Olsen’s Met Gala Look

We asked for your favourite look from this year’s Met Gala in New York – this look worn by Lizzie Olsen was the clear favourite so here is a step by step of a look I created inspired by her makeup.

1. After applying a little Super Concealer (fair) I added some definition to Shenise’s brows using the LY37 angled brow brush and colour Maowi from the Essential Eye Palette.

Louise Young 24 May1347

2. I applied base colour Ting from the Essential Eye Palette to the top half of the lid and then applied one of our new colours (as yet unnamed!) to the lid using the LY18 brush.

Louise Young 24 May1350

3. Sislet, mixed with a little Pom Pom, was applied to the crease of the eye and blended upwards onto the brow bone. I used brush LY38A for this.Louise Young 24 May1353

4. Using the LY16 brush I applied Pom Pom from the Essential Eye Palette underneath the bottom lashes.

Louise Young 24 May1362

5.  After applying mascara I used our lovely new brush LY49 to apply one of our new blushers – No.1 – to the cheekbones.

Louise Young 24 May1368

6.  For the final look I mixed a coral lipstick – I have also included a version with a nude lip colour for an everyday look.  I hope you like them! x

Shenice final for blog


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