Flicked eyeliner/ Red lips

The techniques I am probably asked most to demonstrate are how to get perfect red lips and how to do a perfect eyeline.  In this tutorial I show how to do both.  The key to successful eyeliner application – apart from a steady hand – is a precise brush.  Make sure your eyeliner brush isn’t splayed out at the end or you will never achieve the perfect line.  I find it works for me to do the line in one big sweep across the lid – be bold, be confident and just go for that sweep!

To achieve perfect red lips use a brush that you are comfortable with – I often reach for LY27 but equally LY26 or even LY09 work just as well.  LY28 is a flat lip brush and many people prefer this shape but once you know which shape suits you make sure the brush isn’t splayed or you will never achieve the clean lines of a perfect lipstick application.  I sometimes apply lip pencil before but quite often apply it without.  A lip pencil can prevent the lipstick bleeding.  Again my tip is to be bold when applying the colour, I find long sweeping strokes give a more successful end result.

Brushes used in this tutorial:

LY34 super foundation

LY26 concealer

LY01 mini foundation

LY07 super powder

LY37 angled brow

LY39 domed shadow

LY38A tapered shadow

LY24A superfine liner

LY04 short handle blush

LY27 lip brush

Essential Eye Palette