10 Years Younger Makeover!

My friend Wendy asked me for a new look to make her look and feel younger.

First stop was a visit to the hairdressers to get Wendy’s hair into a short, edgy style. Very brave!

Next stop was the LYC studio where I gave her a new make-up look to lift the face and complement the great new hairstyle .

Here are the results – the first picture (1) was taken at about 10.30am and the last picture (9) was taken at around 2pm.

What a difference in a short space of time!

Details of what I used are below and watch out for the tutorial of the look coming soon.

Louise x



1. Before picture

2. Foundation applied with LY48 mini super foundation brush

3. Super Concealer Trio applied under eyes and on cheeks with LY26 brush

4. Cream blusher (from new products) applied with LY48 – loose powder applied

5. Eyebrows shaped and filled in with LY37 and colour Pom Pom (LY501)

6. Eye sockets shaded and lifted with a mixture of colours Swanson (LY502) and Maowi (LY501). Applied over base colour Ting (LY501)

7. LY17 used to apply Pom Pom (LY501) under the eye. Colour Pie from LY502 applied to lid

8. Lip colour applied with LY27

9. Final look

A big thank you to Donna at John Oliver for the fabulous haircut!

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